i know i havent been online lately but im still at my girlfriends!!! we did a ryuko bikini shoot too and i havent been able to sort through them all so heres one picture!!


yeah i won’t be posting for a week until sat also i never uses queued posts either so!!!!! yeah cool


"Just get in the car, Alice. I’ll explain on the way."

hime hime….hime…..suki suki daiksuki (probably idk)……love hime get me thru the 3 hour train journey 🙏🙏

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ok……3 hour train journey and then im going to stay at my girlfriends for a week…….Fear….frightened

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nai i love u

did i ever show you a picture of me eating a lemon
theres a video too
photographer || cosplayer


boys meowing soulfully

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#Danganronpa Junko Enoshima sketch!

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