obligatory sweet 16th selfie

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Insert edgy relateable song lyric here

i just wanted to post some of my hinata photoshoots from summer i love this pic so much!!

hinata: tumblr | world cosplay | facebook

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Iggy Azalea and a malt biscuit

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selling junko enoshima hairties!!
junko or mukuro!
cost is £8 with free shipping! (+£1 if its not in the uk!)
please message me if interested!

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does anyone else know that feel of being fixated on labels and personality tests and shit because they’re the only things that give you a solid grip on your identity

does anyone want to buy this A2 snk poster from me???
it’ll be £7 w/ free p+p in uk (and +£1 if u live outside the uk!)
message me if interested!!

頂の景色 by 林ゆうき、橘麻美


"The View from the Top" music playing at the end of the last episode of the Haikyuu!! anime.

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asahi looked really cute with this hairstyle

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haikyuu is sooooo good……so good im so happy im SO HAPPY

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